Through various projects and working with several different organizations, I have learned about the many details involved in digital and physical design. Examples and information about each project can be viewed below.

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Beavercreek Marketing

Servicing over 3,500 clients across the US, BCM provides content and delivery tools for maximizing various banking solutions.


The tech hub of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln; this on-campus store facilitates the sales of tech products ranging from cellular phones and discounted phone plans, to the latest Apple® and Dell® technology.

Museum Builders

An exciting and educational Morill Hall exhibit with a powerful app to match, this experience was made complete with AR and iBeacon enhanced features.

FindIt! AR

This app went live on the App store as one of the first to utilize Augumented Reality with a successful launch accompanied by posts and in-person events.

Project Unify Logo


This app was designed as a first attempt to solve the issues involved with massive social media networks by incorporating locally targetable aspects of life happening in the community around users.

4U Logo


Designed in collaboration with Nelnet® and the Raikes School of Computer Science and Management, this project was completed to fulfill a capstone requirement.