Live Love Discover started in 2016 with the idea that social media could be helpful, private, and bring together communities.

Original LLD Squad

Initially, Project Unify was planned to incentivize businesses to empower their customers to generate local goodwill. Businesses would invest in a currency that could be rewarded to customers at local events, which those customers could then give to local goodwill-fostering groups.

When a Business ran an event that would reward customers, priority viewing in the social media network was given. Businesses could limit the amount of rewards given at an event, further incentivizing quick attendance. Instead of relying on location services for transactions, physical devices could be used to privately transfer reward tokens.

Today, LLD is a single man operation with a more focused target market. The Rize is a social media network for Artists and Fans. I hope to build a better environment focused on fan privacy and artist connectivity.

The site is built on top of a universal player, allowing the listener to stream from any of their favorite music sources. Artists can use the open-source Rize Toolkit to integrate the same player used on the social media site, directly into their demo page. When links are shared from the Rize, content will be displayed in the viewers preferred streaming service.

The social media site will utilize PWA and WebRTC technology to allow cross-browser local sharing with friends, or allow artists to broadcast what’s ‘Now Playing’ to everyone tuning in at a local concert.